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Our history

Destiny, also called 缘分 (Yuan Fen) in Chinese, is the root of all connection or interaction between things and sentient beings.

We consider that each person who is brought to taste our tea has a special bond with us.

Tea is a connecting element: in China, when we have to discuss something important, it will always be over tea. To speak philosophy, what could be better than an exceptional tea? To release your inspiration... To meditate, think about a delicate subject or relax and unwind. Tea is a central part of life. And something so important in everyday life must be impeccable in quality, taste and benefits.

After training in traditional Chinese medicine for several years in Paris, I went to China, in the province of Yunnan, to Kunming (capital of the province) to practice this medicine with specialists in acupuncture and pharmacopoeia in city ​​hospitals and clinics.

This trip, driven by a feeling, a search for something higher, led me to a Chinese woman. She, tea master, perpetuates a forgotten tradition passed down only to a select few. This tradition is based on very precise rules that derive directly from the ancient Taoist culture (道), today called Dao. This set of techniques applies in particular to one tea: pu'er tea. Today known throughout the world, this very old tea is now protected by an appellation contrôlée. It is produced only in the Chinese province of Yunnan.

We quickly fell in love and we decided to unite our destinies.

Naturally, we sought to connect the cultures of our respective countries and we want to discover our Pu'er tea in France and in Europe.

Our requirements : our tea is grown according to the laws of nature, taking the necessary time and no chemical or unnatural substances are used. It is systematically tested by independent laboratories and meets European and French standards for organic farming. A French certification body: Ecocert (FR-BIO-01) regularly checks our teas.

Our tea is produced in the traditional way and by hand. We are regularly on the plantation during the harvest. We control each step and add our knowledge.

Many factors make our tea exceptional.

So that everyone finds their way.