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Infuse the Pu'er

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DaoThe Pu'er:

Dao organic Pu'er tea is a " Pu'er " or "Pu'erh " tea, prepared with care using traditional methods, from the young shoots of the tea plants.

Originally from the province of Yunnan, DaoThé Pu'er is not a tea like the others.

This is a high quality pu'er Gong Ting "Imperial Palace Tea".

*Pu'erh (another French transcription of Chinese 普洱)

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The benefits of DaoThé Pu'er?

Let's not confine such a versatile tea to a few boxes. Experience it and judge for yourself.

To infuse DaoThé Pu'er:

1) Take a teaspoon of DaoThé which you will place in the tea ball.

2) Heat water (source or filtered ideally) to 95° or 100°

3) Pour the water into your cup and immerse the tea ball in it, wait until the infusion turns red .

4) Remove the tea infuser and keep it aside for reuse .

5 ) You can reuse your DaoThé until it no longer gives color. (3 to 4 large cups with a teaspoon of tea).

6 ) Enjoy DaoThé all day long, it does not prevent you from sleeping.

Enjoy it after meals, when you are tired, at breakfast and as a snack and in the evening before sleeping.